Danieli Systec Technology

Since 1991 our company’s technicians are gathering experience in automation projects worldwide together with our Italian partner Danieli Automation.

Today we have 70 employees, university educated: automation specialists, project managers, electrical supervisors, hydraulic & mechanical supervisors, driver specialists, HW & SW specialists. Our staff is multilingual.
Most of all, we have gathered a powerful know how in industrial automation, process control, HW & SW design and Start up & Commissioning during our activities at industrial sites of all kind worldwide.

As a Computer Engineering and Process Automation company, SYSTEC in partnership with Italian company DANIELI Automation has obtained a respectful position in steel making plants market.
Historically the company has its roots in the rich industrial tradition of the Croatian – Slovenian – Italian border area where Steel and Iron, Machine tools, Food industry and Ecology have been principal industries.
SYSTEC’s capabilities have ranged from small size automation units, through to sophisticated complete plant automation up to special Client request for existing plants upgrading. Site management supervision, commissioning, training and after sales service have been executed successfully worldwide. The service we offer wins our Clients confidence for the plant life span.